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Pooja Sawant Exercise Workout Diet Plan Fitness Tips

Today we are talking about Pooja Sawant Exercise Workout Diet Plan Fitness Tips. Pooja Sawant Marathi film actress has gained popularity day by day. She is one of the hottest Indian film actor. Her strong determination towards balanced figure is admirable. Many of her followers are keen to know her family back ground and personal details. She belongs to Marathi Sawant family. Her father is Vilas Sawant and mother Amruta Sawant. She is the elder child of her parents. She has one sister Ruchira sawant. She was born in Mumbai on Jauary 25, 1990. She is versatile, dedicated and well balanced personality.

After completing her graduation from SIWS College of Science and Commerce she joined film industry. Due to her versatility and artistic approach she joined film industry.

Pooja Sawant Exercise Workout Diet Plan Fitness Tips

She gets famous due to her personality style and outfit. She adopts number of healthy activities to maintain her slim figure.

Pooja Sawant Exercise Workout Diet Plan Fitness Tips

Pooja Sawant follows the day to day activities for healthy weight and body. Now Pooja Sawant Exercise Workout Diet Plan Fitness Tips most important part her food details are available for readers.

  • She drinks water as per the requirement of body
  • She takes her diet adequately, As balanced diet is a real Mantra for healthy body
  • She uses healthy snacks during her diet
  • She uses make up for healthy skin
  • She uses sun glasses while going out to the sun
  • She also cleanser her face with some vitamin enriched lotions on daily basis for face freshness
  • She also uses hair oils almond, coconut and olive oil for regular head message
  • She takes following ingredients for health mind and body and to fulfill minerals protein and carbohydrate needs.

Pooja Sawant Exercise

Diet Plan Routine for one full day:

  • Breakfast: She uses brown breads, milk, juices and eggs without fats in her breakfast
  • Lunch: She loves salads, fruits, green vegetables and soup etc
  • Snacks: She takes protein snacks and fruit juices
  • Dinner: She likes grilled chicken and fish items with small size chapattis
  • She uses light warm water to meet the requirement of water needs.  She avoids high calories diet and fast food items.

Besides performing diet regime she also consults with dietitians and nutritionist on and off and alters her diet plan on hr recommendations. She also includes use of  honey adequately in her diet  for to warm up her metabolism.