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Deepika Singh Favourite Food Wedding Husband Name Boyfriend

Deepika Singh Favourite Food Wedding Husband Name Boyfriend: Deepika Singh has made herself turn out to be one of the renowned actresses of the Indian television ground. She made her first appearance in the acting with the Star Plus show named as Diya Aur Baati Hum with the role of Sandhya. Before stepping into the field of being the actress she has feature herself out in the Punjabi song album. She has done with the degree of marketing in Masters in Business Administrationa at the place of Punjab Technical University. She is no doubt one of the promising and talented known Indian television actresses. For some of her best performances she has been honored with many nominations too.

Deepika Singh Favourite Food Wedding Husband Name Boyfriend

Deepika Singh Favourite Food Wedding Husband Name Boyfriend

Information About Deepika Singh Wedding Life:

Deepika Singh hence got married with the director of her television show Rohit Raj Goyal as on 2 May 2014. The couple was previously rumored to be involved in dating relation but they never came up with the acceptance statement. Neverthless the couple finally open up about their relation and got married. She did not disclose her wedding but she finally open it up for the fans by sharing her wedding pictures on the social media.

Deepika Singh Wedding Marriage Life

List of Deepika Singh Favorite Things:

  • She spend much of the free time by listening to music. She do love to do gardening as well.
  • Her favorite actor is Shahid Kapoor and Naseer ud Din Shah.
  • Her favorite actresses are Priyanka Chopra and Sri Devi.
  • Her favorite singer is Arijit Singh
  • Her favorite destination to spend vacations is Goa in India.
  • She loves to eat Continental Cuisines.

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  • Her favorite colors are pink, green and brown.
  • Her favorite perfume is XXX.
  • Her favorite films are Titanic, Avtar and Transformer Series.
  • Her favorite Bollywood director is Karan Johar and Yash Chopra.
  • Her favorite actors in Hollywood are Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.
  • She has a huge crush on Brad Pitt.
  • Angelina Jolie is her favorite Hollywood actress.
  • Justin Bieber is her favorite international musica singer.
  • Her favorite handbag brand is Gucci.
  • Her favorite makeup brand is Maybelline.

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  • Her favorite makeup accessory is mascara.
  • Her favorite jewellery accessory is earrings.
  • She step into the acting by taking an inspiration from Hema Malini.
  • She is very much close to her mother.
  • She do not like attending late night parties.
  • She do not like to drink wine or smoke.
  • In the traditional outfit category her favorite style is anarkali dresses.